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Saint Augustine


Sebo. Webale nyo! Im so happy for the Ugandan tour. My daughter was very happy when we saw the lion. Wow! This was a very exciting tour in Africa. Next year I will come with more luganda words. Ha! The hospitality was kawa. Let me look and rate your safari on TripAdvisor. Be prepared, next year I come with my grandma. She has to see the elephant and obvious the lion.


Jim Vardlin


Apart from the fact that our driver Charles forgot the WIFI password, we enjoyed every moment we spent in Jinja. I was scared of going for Banjee Jumping coz my heart was pumping too fast!!! but my girls couldn't let me and the pics were too adorable. Thanks for the adventure, I wasn't expecting what I got but you made me feel 18 again. This was my second time in Africa but this was the funnest. Charis Safaris, you did us well. Mia n Sophie send their regards.


Nicole G

California. US

A work trip that ended with a Safari. I sure needed some time to relax. The air in that forest where we spent our 2nd night was too fresh. I could live there forever. The Africa's big 5 in one day and lunch on the boat cruise was the biggest highlight of my safari. I thought travelling alone was always a bad idea but turns out it was exciting. I am gonna frame my ndi munauganda shirt, I have to remember this safari. I have shared your link with my friends, am sure they'll love a Charis Safari.